Events & Conferences 2019: Artificial Intelligence, Deep & Machine Learning


Your calendar is filling up and you are not sure which events are worth attending? We help you planning with our 2019 list of artificial intelligence events and conferences.

There is so much going on this year making it hard for you to keep track. You may be new to the information technology industry or you are an expert in your field. Maybe you are a software developer or entrepreneur. We guide you through the jungle of AI conventions, summits, exhibitions, conferences, barcamps, workshops, congresses, hackathons and meetups.


Digital Health Summit
8-11 January 2019, Las Vegas (USA)


Software Architecture Conference by O’Reilly
3-6 February 2019, New York (USA)

DIA Europe
5-7 February 2019, Vienna (Austria)

Wearable Technologies Conference Europe
5-6 February 2019, Munich (Germany)

ETIM – Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
22-23 February 2019, University Clinic Essen (Germany)


AI Assistant Summit
March 2019, London (UK)


Machine Intelligence Summit
April 2019, Hong Kong (China)

Big Data.AI Summit
10-11 April 2019, Berlin (Germany)

DMEA (former conhIT)
9-11 April 2019, Berlin (Germany)

Artificial Intelligence Conference by O’Reilly & Intel AI
15-18 April 2019, New York (USA)

World Summit AI Americas
10-11 April 2019, Montreal (Canada)


PerMediCon: Personalized Medicine Convention
tba, Cologne (Germany)

re:health at re:publica
6-8 May 2019, Berlin (Germany)

Minds Mastering Machines
14-16 May 2019, Mannheim (Germany) 

Rise of AI Conference
16 May 2019, Berlin (Germany)

MedTech Summit & MT-CONNECT
21-23 May 2019, Nuremberg (Germany)


Chatbot Summit
June 2019, Tel Aviv (Israel)

Software Architecture Conference by O’Reilly
10-13 June 2019, San Jose (USA)

HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 Conference
11-13 June 2019, Helsinki (Finland)

Internet of Things Conference
17-19 June 2019, Munich (Germany)

AI Summit
tba, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

The AI Summit
12-13 June 2019, London (UK)

12-13 June 2019, London (UK)

Artificial Intelligence Conference by O’Reilly & Intel AI
18-21 June 2019, Beijing (China)

RAAIS – The Research and Applied Artificial Intelligence Summit
28 June 2019, London (UK)


The AI Summit
30-31 July 2019, Hong Kong (China)

Tech Open Air
2-5 July 2019, Berlin (Germany)


Artificial Intelligence Conference by O’Reilly & Intel AI
9-12 September 2019, San Jose (USA)

The AI Summit
tba, San Francisco (USA)

The AI Summit
10-12 September 2019, Singapore

18-19 September 2019, Stockholm (Sweden)

eHealth Innovation Days
tba, University of Applied Science Flensburg (Germany)

Digital Health Conference
tba, Berlin (Germany)

Intelligent Health AI Summit 2018
11-12 September 2019, Basel (Switzerland)


Artificial Intelligence Conference by O’Reilly & Intel AI
14-17 October 2019, London (UK)

XPOMET© Convention
10-12 October 2019, Berlin (Germany)

World Summit AI
9-10 October 2019, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

WHINN – Week of Health and Innovation
tba, Odense (Denmark)

World Health Summit
27-29 October 2019, Berlin (Germany)

European Health Congress
26-27 October 2019, Munich (Germany)


Digital Health World Congress
November 2019, London (UK)

Malta Blockchain & AI Summit
7.-8. November 2019, Malta

RETH!NK Healthcare
tba, Berlin (Germany)

The AI Summit
tba, Cape Town (South Africa)

Software Architecture Conference by O’Reilly
4-7 November 2019, Berlin (Germany)

EHiN – Norway’s national ehealth conference
11-13 November 2019, Oslo (Norway)

Nordic Mobile Healthcare Technology Congress
tba, Stockholm (Sweden)

eHealth Forum
14-15 November 2019, Vienna (Austria)

Innovators Summit – AI
tba, Munich (Germany)


The AI Summit
tba, New York (USA)

You are missing an artificial intelligence event in our calendar?

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