Artificial Intelligence

Find out how Telepaxx improves patient treatments, quality assurance and research findings by classifying medical data.

Medical Deep Learning

We classify medical data applying the latest clustering technologies in big data analysis as well as developing our own methods along the way. While doing so, data privacy and protection always comes first.

Our Solution at a Glance

Together with our partners such as NVIDIA, INTEL, Fraunhofer MEVIS and University Erlangen we classify medical data. These medical classifications are available for individual clinic infrastructures as well as for individual clinic servers ensuring high flexibility and security.

Data Privacy and Protection

We consistently encrypt all medical data with a public and private key and store it solely on servers in Germany. The Telepaxx operating procedures ensure that at least two copies of each file are stored in two seperate data centers at all times. That is one of the many reasons why more than 600 clinics and imaging centers – amongst them the largest clinic corporations in Germany – trust us with archiving over 10 billion medical images and information.

Our Projects in Detail

We are currently working on medical deep learning projects to improve emergency alerting services e.g. in case of brain bleeding, work list sortings in PACS, automated second opinions as well as medical research findings and analysis.

Latest AI Blog Posts

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