Easily Archived: What Customers Say About e-pacs Storage Service


The e-pacs storage service is the solution for increasing data volumes and long retention periods. Because you get the latest storage technology at the best price. Because Telepaxx uses its data centres – optimally designed for the special requirements in the health sector – for many satisfied customers at the same time.

This is why more and more hospitals and radiologies are opting for external long-term archiving with the e-pacs storage service. What concrete advantages does this offer? We have asked some of our customers.

“I would always opt for manufacturer-independent long-term archiving again. I have a good feeling about Telepaxx and the quality of e-pacs is simply right. Christian Bauer, Managing Director Knappschaft IT Services GmbH

“With 250,000 examinations per year and a daily image data volume of 25 GB, it quickly became clear that sufficient importance had to be attached to long-term archiving”, a medical physicist at the Nuremberg Hospital at the time

“When accessing a pre-recording, quality and loading time must not change. When I decompress a compressed image, I expect everything to run smoothly.” Dr. Matthias Troglauer, radiologist in the Wiesbaden radiomed practice network

“The image data logistics for two locations with outsourced Telepaxx archive has proven itself in clinical routine”. Heiko Lehner, Head of IT at the Altmühlfranken Clinic


Photo: ©photodune.net / SimpleFoto