LungCAD and HealthDataSpace Automatically Detect Round Herd of Lungs


LungCAD and HealthDataSpace now automatically detect round herd of lungs in the health cloud. For this reason, we work together with our cooperation partner MeVis.

Special software with CAD function increases your diagnostic quality. Use MeVis LungCAD to automatically mark, measure and document conspicuous regions in the image data – supplemented by volume, diameter, density and mass – and thus assess changes in pathological structures.

Thanks to HealthDataSpace, you can use LungCAD anywhere and anytime in your internet browser and share your diagnoses with other physicians or patients securely online.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • automatic marking, measuring and documentation of round herd of lungs using LungCAD
  • edit DICOM images anytime, anywhere
  • share diagnoses etc. securely online with physicians and patients