Mediaire Becomes New Partner In The Telepaxx MarketPlace


With the neuroradiological software solution mdbrain, Telepaxx Medical Data GmbH now also offers its customers an AI-based product for the automated analysis of MRI image series to support radiologists, especially in the early detection of dementia.

The solution automatically generates various reports similar to laboratory reports, which support the diagnostician in the detection of dementia diseases or also record, color-code and document changes over time. The technical basis for these detailed analyses is provided by new AI-based algorithms from the deep learning area, which enable fast and precise image analysis. In addition, the direct comparison with a comprehensive set of standards enables the radiologist to obtain an objective second opinion when assessing possible pathological changes.

“Solutions that are included in our MarketPlace combine in the best case scenario a high benefit for users with exceptional performance and stability and can be operated in compliance with GDPR,” says Thomas Pettinger, project manager and responsible for business development at Telepaxx. With the new partner from Berlin, we have now found a provider to whom all these points apply. “Mediaire has proven that they not only master the mathematical tools of deep learning, but also have a good knowledge of the processes and workflows in radiology,” says Pettinger. Radiological processes and current discussions about GDPR-compliant working methods were taken into account during development. Most recently, the speed of the evaluations has been reduced to a few minutes using modern AI algorithms.

Via the Telepaxx MarketPlace mdbrain can be put into operation easily and quickly. As a rule, this eliminates the need for an extensive IT project and an improved reporting can be started immediately. Customers thus benefit from the Telepaxx infrastructure already available for long-term archiving with the e-pacs storage service. The existing data stream for archiving is intelligently used to automatically apply AI to the appropriate data.

In addition to mdbrain for brain volumetry and lesion characterization, the Telepaxx MarketPlace offers numerous other solutions, e.g. for the evaluation of X-ray thorax images or for lung round detection. The available solutions do not always focus on medical diagnosis. Thus, there are also services that primarily improve processes in the radiological workday, such as mobile image communication, AI-based duty scheduling or appointment management. All solutions meet the same requirements for stability and data protection as the provider’s proven standard products for cost-effective and secure long-term archiving.

The company mediaire was founded in 2018 in Berlin by Dr. Andreas Lemke and Dr. Jörg Döpfert. Both are physicists and have a PhD in magnetic resonance imaging. Since 2009, the first joint considerations have been underway to build an economically promising product that efficiently analyzes medical image data in radiology on the basis of artificial intelligence.

Telepaxx, based in Büchenbach near Nuremberg, operates the largest medical image data archive in Europe. Hospitals and doctors’ practices can efficiently archive their medical data in various data centers throughout Germany for the long term in accordance with all legal requirements. Data storage is always cheaper than local storage or storage in cloud data centers of large international providers. The power for the Büchenbach data center with more than 16 petabytes of data is generated entirely from renewable energies.

With the Telepaxx MarketPlace, the company has been offering a platform since 2019 on which providers can test, train and later commercially offer their solutions with data from a wide range of facilities. This gives providers of digital solutions access to data from doctors’ practices and hospitals for research and development. For this purpose, a federated learning infrastructure was created, which focuses on data protection and compliance in addition to easy data access.