Medical Cloud Archiving


    Our e-pacs storage service offers a secure archival solution for medical data such as DICOM images, videos, audios, waveforms, structured reports, IHE documents and many more while remaining independent of long-term technological transformations.

    There is a solution to increasing data volumes and long safekeeping periods. With e-pacs you get the best storage technology at the best price. How do we achieve this? Telepaxx uses its e-pacs storage center – designed to perfectly suit medical requirements – for many customers at the same time. For that reason you can use e-pacs without any primary investments, only for a fixed monthly fee – depending on the plan you select.

    Archiving and Storing as a Service

    Using a DICOM long-term archive gives you two essential degrees of freedom. On the one hand, it makes you independent from any implemented PACS application and it enables you to switch applications without costly data migrations. On the other hand, storage technology usually only lasts for five years. Hence, several technology changes and migration processes become necessary during any legally required data storage interval.

    e-pacs offers long-term independence and investment security along with the ability to exactly plan future expenses without cumulative follow-up costs. Moreover, e-pacs complies with all necessary data security and privacy protection regulations and holds several certificates.


    The German Federal Data Protection Act is considered to be the toughest in the world. Therefore, Telepaxx is proud to hold the renowned German Data Privacy and Protection Seal of Quality by the Independent Center for Privacy Protection – for both of its services: e-pacs storage and HealthDataSpace. Both solutions consistently encrypt all medical data with a public and private key storing it solely on servers in Germany to make sure that sensitive medical information stays secure at all times.

    Your Advantages at a Glance

    With an e-pacs contract Telepaxx guarantees that your medical data such as DICOM images, PDF reports, videos, IHE documents and many more will remain available for at least 10 years to come – without any follow-up costs. This period can be extended to 30 years. Using the e-pacs storage center makes you independent of any future technological developments. The e-pacs storage service can be integrated into existing PACS solutions and can also be used as an autonomous DICOM archive. Thus it offers the highest degree of security for your investment. Furthermore, existing databases with old data can be incorporated easily into the e-pacs storage service.

    Regular Reporting

    Using e-pacs you will receive regular PDF reports evaluating your e-pacs storage capacities. These charts and graphs show how your user behavior evolves, how much storage you are currently using and how much you will need in the future.

    NEW: e-pacs share

    e-pacs share enables you to share DICOM images from your external archive securely with anyone – e.g. with specialists, referring physicians, clinics and wards. Make your workflows more efficient and increase collaboration between radiologists, clinics and all physicians involved. Simply add e-pacs share to your existing e-pacs contract. Due to its DICOM interface e-pacs share can be used with any vendor neutral archive.