Medical Image Sharing with HealthDataSpace

November 20, 2014 By Editorial Team 0

All you need is a browser.

Sharing meHealthDataSpace Logodical images securely has never been easier. Physicians and patients get their personal HealthDataSpace accounts enabling them to share medical images and reports just using a web browser. HealthDataSpace integrates with EHR workflows. 

You Code. We Cloud.

Get protected infrastructure for your app. Easily store, share and encrypt data. Send secure messages.



New opportunities for radiologists.

HealthDataSpace is fully equipped to cater for the following use cases:

  1. Replace DICOM CD: set up by their radiology every patient gets a personal HealthDataSpace account to be automatically filled with their medical images and reports
  2. Enable collaboration: between radiologists and referring physicians; between all physicians in online communities; between patients sharing their DICOM images with clinics etc.
  3. Access anywhere and anytime: using just a web browser patients and physicians log in their HealthDataSpace accounts via PC, ultrabook, tablet or smartphone wherever and whenever they want to; suitable for emergency and background services as well

But we do not stop there. With a search function patients can actively seek physicians on HealthDataSpace. This opens up new and exciting opportunities for radiologists who will be contacted by patients looking for second medical opinions. 

Security and Compliance.

HealthDataSpace holds the sought-after German Data Privacy and Protection Seal of Quality. Read more about compliance >>









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