New Customer Portal: Malfunctions Are Now Eliminated Even Faster


Telepaxx customers can now view the entire solution process for their failure reports at any time in our customer portal. This saves a lot of time during processing.

After a one-time registration by our support, Telepaxx customers can use our support ticket system online, where they can follow the solution process and also view all closed tickets. This saves a lot of time that was previously spent on queries. This enables us to resolve malfunctions even faster, so that our customers can work without any problems.

And It’s That Simple:

  1. You tell our support your name and email address for registration.
  2. You log on the Telepaxx customer portal using your access data.
  3. Now use the ticket system and enter all the information requested.

What Our Customers Say About The New Portal:

“The customer portal is a good way for us to create a support ticket with all the necessary information and attachments directly and without losing time. In addition, it is possible to see at a glance which tickets are still being processed. The common communication process is documented in the ticket. So we can access information of already completed tickets without having to search in old e-mails”. Sebastian Prokop, Project Manager Medical Systems at Asklepios Service IT GmbH

“Thanks to the new customer portal, all tickets are now clearly visible in one place. The biggest advantage: I can check the status of each individual ticket and see who is processing it. Solutions and intermediate steps are stored so that I can also access this information later. Another very good thing is that I am notified by e-mail when Digithurst Support is processing a ticket. This means I can react immediately in the customer portal. This makes working with tickets much more transparent and clearer for me”. Matthias Hauke, Head of IT in the radiology department Halle/Saale

“Since the customer portal, we hardly ever call Digithurst anymore. What’s very pleasant is that all tickets are immediately visible, which previously had to be searched for laboriously in the inbox. But the best thing is that when a ticket is solved, the solution is noted and all communication regarding the process is saved. In case of problems, the portal can also be used as a great knowledge database”. Carsten Weibrich, Head of IT at radiomed in Wiesbaden


Photo: © / racorn