New Medical Products Join The Telepaxx MarketPlace


New medical products are now available in the Telepaxx MarketPlace for automatic pulmonary circular flow detection, mobile image distribution and simple dose control.

Telepaxx Medical Data GmbH brings together various medical products in its MarketPlace in the spirit of networking. The first healthcare IT companies are thus using the Telepaxx marketplace for the development, testing, quality assurance and commercialization of medical applications. MeVis Medical Solutions AG helps radiologists to diagnose with Veolity LungCAD by automatically recognizing pulmonary round foci. mRay from mbits supports radiologists in teleradiology, second diagnosis, background service, perfusion analysis and photo documentation. Domako as a Service is a dose management system for simple dose control including automatic notification when reference values are exceeded. All medical devices are now available to doctors and clinics in Telepaxx MarketPlace for a fee. Free web demonstrations and test accounts are available on request at any time.

Mobile image distribution
mRay by mbits supports radiologists in teleradiology, second diagnosis, background service, perfusion analysis and photo documentation. mRay saves time by providing an immediately possible teleconsil with one or more colleagues. Doctors work more flexibly in the background service, communicate more understandably during rounds and make quick and reliable therapy decisions. In addition, doctors save costs through mobile, radiological workstations and simple image access for referring physicians and patients.

Automatic lung round detection
In studies on the early detection of bronchial carcinomas (Lung Cancer 2006; N Enl J Med. 2006; J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2008), up to 60 percent of the cases with high-resolution multi-line CT devices are described as round lung lesions <1cm. For this reason, radiologists are particularly challenged to distinguish between harmless and risky rounds. Veolity LungCAD supports radiologists in this work. Special software with CAD function increases diagnostic quality in a significantly shorter time. Radiologists automatically mark, measure and document conspicuous regions in the image data using Veolity LungCAD from MeVis Medical Solutions AG – supplemented by volume, diameter, density and mass – and thus assess changes in pathological structures. The final diagnosis remains in the hands of the radiologist.

Simple dose control
Domako – Dose Management as a Service – automatically receives the dose values stored in the DICOM data of each PACS, documents them completely and evaluates them automatically. Each dose value is automatically compared with the specified diagnostic reference values to determine the cause of the exceedance. A further advantage for the medical physics expert: graphic analyses and generated email reports enable efficient information and reporting. Low installation effort and no adaptation of the infrastructure: Domako aaS can be operated with any PACS or long-term archive. Thanks to the diagrams and statistics in the clear dashboard, radiologists can see at a glance how high the dose values are – also in comparison to the diagnostic reference values. If reference values are exceeded, Domako from medigration can send an automated e-mail notification on request.

How the Telepaxx MarketPlace works

“The development of AI-based medical applications is growing rapidly. However, researchers and developers often lack access to the market and to validated training data sets for the respective use cases,” says Thomas Pettinger, project manager of MarketPlace and responsible for business development at Telepaxx.

The new offering now provides a solution with which such applications can be trained and developed to market maturity in a quality-assured and data protection-compliant environment. They would then be available to a large circle of customers for commercial use. Telepaxx Medical Data GmbH – which specializes in decentralized data handling and central, manufacturer-independent long-term archiving – has access to a network of more than 600 decentralized servers in medical facilities and a data pool of more than 13 billion image and findings data in German-speaking countries. In addition to the highest possible quality, it is just as important to integrate smoothly into the medical workflow of the facilities. Telepaxx therefore supports the Telepaxx MarketPlace from the start not only with training data, but also with know-how. Telepaxx clarifies, for example, whether supervised learning can be used with smaller training data sets in the highest possible quality, but also advises on quality assurance, the avoidance of bias or product approval and on a product design that fits the work processes in medicine and radiology.