Occupational Medicine


In occupational medicine many people with diverse backgrounds are involved. Finding a secure solution that meets all their requirements is a huge challenge. See how the Telepaxx health cloud unites the advantages of an external archive with the ones of medical data sharing at GVS in Augsburg (Germany).

The Customer

GVS is one of the BG ETEM central service centers for the official occupational accident insurances. It organizes amongst others occupational health care prevention of people, who were exposed to pollutants like dust containing asbestos fibers during their working life. Besides X-ray examinations GVS offers some people a yearly examination via high-definition computed tomography with a low radiation dose in order to detect lung cancer early.

The Challenge

In the past reading CAT scanner and X-ray studies as well as creating CDs and DVDs for reshipment caused high material costs and a great amount of work. Mailing these medical data simply took too long. Therefore, GVS wanted to find a way to reduce costs and make workflows more efficient and more convenient.

The Solution  

Since 2013 GVS in Augsburg already uses the e-pacs external archive by Telepaxx. Together with e-pacs share and HealthDataSpace Telepaxx also offers a secure health cloud solution to organize occupational health care prevention. HealthDataSpace automatically transmits CAT scanner and X-ray studies from radiology centers to GVS and archives them at the same time. Hence, all medical data is available digitally for further processing. The latest medical images and reports as well as older data can thus be transferred via HealthDataSpace to external specialists for quality assurance.     

The Benefits

Thanks to the Telepaxx health cloud occupational health care workflows now run much faster while taking up less amount of work. All parties involved endorse these new work processes, as they are significantly smoother than before.