The End Of The Patient CD: Bring In The HealthDataSpace Access Codes


DICOM CDs are neither practical nor very modern. Mac computers often have problems reading patient CDs. Moreover, for second medical opinions CDs are often sent by mail, which is rather daunting.

With HealthDataSpace patients receive an access code incl. QR code instead of a CD. This enables them to view their examination images and medical reports directly in the browser or in the HealthDataSpace app. Striking burning robots, annoying CD handling and much more are a thing of the past. This means considerable cost savings and many other advantages for radiology. HealthDataSpace is EHR/EMR compatible and easy to integrate in any medical workflow thanks to its use of DICOM standards.

HealthDataSpace App

Patients of all participating radiological facilities receive a HealthDataSpace access code, e.g. printed on the medical reports or the patient CD. This allows them to view their examination images, reports, etc. conveniently online – without having to register. To do this, they either scan the QR code or enter their access code in the HealthDataSpace app or on Patients can manually download their medical data from HealthDataSpace at any time. Furthermore, X-ray images of patient CDs or digitized documents can be manually uploaded to HealthDataSpace.

For Patients To Recover Quickly

Unreadable patient CDs or unnecessary operations are now a thing of the past. Get an online second opinion before an operation, comfortably take care of the health concerns of the whole family or share the X-ray images online with the treating clinic, physiotherapist or doctor abroad. No problem thanks to HealthDataSpace.

Data Protection And Data Security

All medical data (images, reports etc.) of HealthDataSpace users is securely end-to-end encrypted with a public and private key procedure. This ensures that only the patients themselves determine who uses their medical data, how it is used as well as for what purpose it is used. HealthDataSpace has been certified with the renowned data protection seal of approval by the Independent State Centre for Data Protection (ULD) for the confidential and data protection-compliant handling of user data.