November 20, 2014 By Editorial Team 0

HealthDataSpace enables patients to store and share medical images and reports securely, e.g. to get a second opinion. X-rays and other DICOM images can be readily viewed with the built-in PACS viewer which comes as a standard feature.

Sharing medical images.

Patients securely receive second medical opinions just a click away. Getting a new ACO is easy when you have all the necessary medical images and reports at hand. Repeat scans are avoided.

Access anywhere and anytime.

Your medical images and reports readily available – anywhere and anytime. Share your health data securely with others, e.g. to get a second opinion. Simply log in your HealthDataSpace account using your computer, ultrabook, tablet or smartphone. All you need is internet access, an email address and the latest web browser.

Security and HIPAA Compliance.

All medical information is always kept encrypted, audited and access controlled anywhere on HealthDataSpace or on your devices, remaining secure at all times.

Get started right away.

Signing up for HealthDataSpace only takes a few seconds. Log in your HealthDataSpace account and look at the medical files that have been uploaded for you by your radiology. You can also upload images from DICOM CDs and digitalized documents yourself. Sharing medical images and files is easy and secure with HealthDataSpace – e.g. to get second opinions from specialists.