Study Reveals: Digital Healthcare Market Grows Faster Than Expected


According to a Roland Berger study, the market for digital offerings in the healthcare sector is growing faster than previously assumed: By 2025, the European-wide market volume is expected to be around EUR 155 billion – EUR 38 billion of which in Germany alone.

Digitization, especially in the form of artificial intelligence (AI), is the biggest driver of this transformation, according to the new study “Future of Health: An industry goes digital – faster than expected”. For the publication, management consultants Roland Berger interviewed 400 international experts from the healthcare market.

Digital Prevention And AI Diagnostics To Contribute The Most Growth

Artificial intelligence will play a major role in the future, especially in diagnosis, monitoring and prevention. 20 percent of medical services could be replaced by AI. The market volume for health, diagnosis and monitoring apps alone is expected to grow to 16 billion euros by 2025.

Health Insurances To Expand Digital Services

70 percent of the experts anticipate that more and more insured persons will document relevant data on their state of health digitally and voluntarily make it available to their insurance companies in return for better conditions. Almost 80 percent expect that health insurance companies will manage their policyholders in such a way that they primarily use their own services, such as digital diagnoses or therapy support, or preferred network partners.

Just under 40 percent predict even more efficacy-based and thus success-dependent drug prices. In addition, in future around one third of the drugs could reach the patient directly without a detour via an in-patient pharmacy.

Tech Giants To Take A Bigger Share Of The Market

The pressure on the established companies in the healthcare sector will increase in the coming years, as market participants from outside the sector will provide competition. For example, 60 percent of those surveyed are certain that the major technology groups such as Amazon, Apple, Google & Co. will be among the established players in the healthcare sector in 2025. 65 percent of the experts surveyed predict that the players will harmonize their IT systems and create central platforms for data exchange.

New competition is also emerging from start-ups that are challenging the established companies with innovative ideas. Given the positive market outlook, they do not currently have to worry much about financing, as long as they have a good business model.